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General Chapter:

To be found through the thumb impression (right hand thumb print for gents and left hand thumb print for ladies) or the horoscope of the seeker. The general Chapter contains the complete graph of the general predictions right from the seeker’s birth up to the death. It is important and also essential to seek the guidance from the general chapter first, before going into the further detailed chapters. The general chapter also includes the general information such as seeker’s name, their parents’ names, details of siblings, seekers’ marital status, the details of their spouse, details of children etc. In addition, the general chapter also includes the present details pertaining to seekers’ jobs, illnesses, debts, travels, assets and liabilities, enemies, etc. and the total gist of future predictions for all the 12 houses in their horoscopes are seen in the general chapter.

Second Chapter:

The details about seekers’ family life, family structure & harmony, money, incoming and earning possibilities, eyes and vision related details, education details, seekers’ speech and the chances of success etc.

Third Chapter:

Number of brothers and sisters; relationships with brothers and sisters, help from siblings, ill feeling in between self and siblings, the wellness and welfare of siblings, the gains to-and-from the siblings, seeker’s courage and valor, etc.

Fourth Chapter:

Details about the mother, details about the seekers’ body as well as wellness, land, house, vehicles, pleasures and luxuries in life, the prospects of success, etc.

Fifth Chapter:

The birth and upbringing of children, the good and bad caused by the children, the future of children, the strength of seekers’ good deeds in the previous lives, the leadership, etc. Children, their birth, death and reason for not having children, adoption and remedial measures for having children, future lives of children.

Sixth Chapter:

The pursuit of life, debts, enemies, court cases, diseases, nuisances, embarrassments and the mental anguishes caused by them; and the remedial measures and procedures to avoid or remove such negative effects, etc.

Seventh Chapter:

Details about the seekers’ marriage, the age & period for the marriage, the general characteristics and the details of the future spouse, the directions where-from the spouse shall be and the distance, the possible names and the horoscope details of the future spouse, the pros and cons of the marriage, the resources for living, future life with the spouse, the reasons for delayed marriage, the details about life partner, living in relationship, etc.

Eighth Chapter:

The extensive and unambiguous information such as the longevity (life duration) of the seeker, the chances of danger to life, accidents, diseases, the seekers’ age, the day-month-year, the time and the presiding nakshatra when the seekers’ death shall take place, the place of death. etc.

Ninth Chapter:

The predictions regarding the seekers’ father, his health, seekers’ wealth, luck and chances in life, visits to various temples, the spiritual guidance from the Guru, the service of God, the dharmik duties, the community leadership, the gains and benefits from the Government, preaching through holy men, charitable deeds etc.

Tenth Chapter:

The seeker’s career, job, business or profession, employment, success and failure in work life, change of place details, general public services, deeds, benefits, seekers’ employees, seekers’ authorities and powers in work life, the gain or the loss of influence and superiority in seekers’ work life, overall career guidance etc.

Eleventh Chapter:

Profits and losses in job / profession / business, the details about how they’ll occur, the second marriage, the pros and cons of the second marriage, seekers’ public contacts, secret relationships, overall success in life, superiority in society, etc.

Twelfth Chapter:

The expenses, the causes for expenses to occur, the nature of seekers’ living, travels and visits in the foreign lands, the pros and cons of travels and isits in foreign lands, the contacts in Governments, next birth, and attainment of salvation etc.


Shanti Kaandam (Parihaara):
The information such as seekers’ previous births, the details of general good deeds and ill-deeds done by the seeker in previous births, the details of the since committed in the previous births, the details of the curses invited due to the sins of past births, the procedures to remove such curses, the severances and remedies to rectify past life sins, the individual ways of worshipping, etc.

Deeksha Kandam (Parihaara):
The information such as chanting of specific mantras for a better life, the procedure of chanting such mantras, the initiation of the sacred ash, wearing the raksha sootram (talisman), the guidance on performing poojas, homas, yaagas, havanas etc. for avoidance of the evil eyes, nullifying the acts of enemies and troubles being caused by them, the divine worship, the benefits of such worship, and the details of the consequent advancements by practicing the advice as given therein, etc.

Aushadha Kaandam:
The information such as the siddha ayurvedic medicines for long-standing diseases, the methods of oral intake of the medicines; details like which medicine to be taken for which illness, the procedures for inducing the medicines, the procedures for preparing the medicines if prescibed, the locations where the medicines or its ingredients may be available, the diet plans for the seekers, etc.

Dasha Bhukti Kaandam:
The detailed predictions for the running Dasha Bhukti (major-sub) periods in life, the results of Dasha Bhukti and the results during the Dasha Bhukti, the prescribed remedial procedures for a better life during a particular Dasha Bhukti, etc. This Chapter is more astrological and can be understood only by the people who have at least basic knowledge in Indian astrological sciences. It covers only the running major period.

Dasha Bhukti Shanti:
Remedies prescribed to minimize the problems being caused by unfavourable major and sub-periods and to increase the benefits, if the major and sub-periods are in his/her favour.

Dasha Bhukti Deeksha:
special mantra japa being performed just to decrease the problems and to increase the benefits as well during the reign period of major and sub-periods.

Jnaana Kaandam:
The detailed guidance for attaining the Jnaana dealing with the seekers' progress in the spiritual life; the ways of accessing the Jnaana, the Ashtama Siddhis, the ways of attaining liberation, the ways of attaining blessing from the siddhas, the divine grace and the order as well as the duration to obtain the same, etc. The guidance from the Jnaana Kaandam guides the seekers to take the right path in their lives and leads them to obtain absolute spiritual liberation.

Jnaana Shanti:
Remedies being prescribed just to annihilate the obstacles, if found in the way of spiritual progress.

Aasi Kaandam:
It deals with “blessings” may be obtained from Lord Almighty mainly to involve and indulge in some noble tasks.

Gochara Kaandam:
deals with the positions of the planets in the zodiac at the time of perusing the Nadi; its positive and negative influences over the life of the individuals.

Gochara Shanti:
prescribes remedies to subside the problems being caused by the unfavourable positions of the planets in the zodiac at the time of perusing the Nadi.

Gochara Deeksha:
Prescribes special mantra pooja; should be performed just to reduce the problems being caused by the unfavourable positions of the planets in the zodiac at the time of perusing the Nadi.

Raajakeeya Kaandam:
Also known as the Arasiyal Kaandam in Tamil and ‘political chapter’ in English, this chapter gives details about the favorable and unfavorable periods for the seeker in their political life, the posts anticipated to be occupied by the seeker in politics. Apart from that, it also gives details about the issues that the seekers may face in their political lives; and the ways to solve them positively. It deals with the political involvements of the individuals, if they are destined so.

Raajakeeya Shanti:
Suggests remedies to nullify the impediments in the way of political progress.

Aatma Vicharana Kaandam:
It is deals with the soul departed, its present state (roaming in the space/attained salvation/taken rebirth) and its influence (positive/negative) over the lives of the descendents. It is believed, if the departed soul roams in formless form, it may affect the progress of the descendents, their marital lives, getting children etc

Aatma Shanti Kaandam:
suggests remedies to help the soul departed to attain salvation or rebirth, as destined and the ways to reduce the negative impacts over the descendants, if it (the soul departed) roams in the space.

Tulya Kaandam:
The minute and most precise details regarding when, at what time, what would happen in the seekers’ lives; etc. is seen in the Tulya Chapter.

Seema Kaandam Ellai Chapter:
The details regarding a country’s borders, the details about hidden treasures, the timings and the procedures to take out the hidden treasures, etc. are seen in the Ellai Chapter.

Sookshma Chapter:
The details about the abstract issues, secrets, hidden meanings in the teachings, the secret instructions so as to gain the grace and wisdom, the contacts with the paranormal, spiritual forces, the constructions and establishments of temples and religious places, etc. are seen in the Sookshma Chapter.